What is low code?

Learn about the power of low code development

The future of development

How low code works

Traditional development is expensive. Low code solves that.

Low code is a development approach that allows you to skip the time-consuming, expensive hand-coding techniques. Instead of writing out all of the code by hand, we’re able to utilize pre-built modules that work seemlessly together and greatly reduce the development time.

By utilizing established, pre-built code snippets and piecing them together, you can enjoy faster time to market, significantly lower development costs, and easier updates in the future.


of all software will include low-code by 2024

What is low code?

Low code can be described as an an application development platform that utilizes low hand-coding, quick setup, and fast deployment. It generally refers to any class of software or tool that provides:

  • Interactive visual programming environment
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Visual modeling tools
  • Prebuilt templates

Better development

Why we use low code

Faster Development

Faster development

With 50-75% less refactoring & rework, we put apps on market 2-10x faster

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Lower financial risk

Low code empowers business owners to achieve 40-60% build cost savings

Designed for all devices

Get a cohesive app across computers, tablets, and mobile devices

Quicker updates

Test your app more often and quicker with 20-40% run cost savings

Is low code right for your application?

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Use cases

What can low code create?

Support a citizen development strategy

Delivery business unit IT apps

Build Saas and ISV applications

Build enterprise IT business process apps

Develop fusion team-developed composite applications

And so much more

The possibilities of low-code are endless. Find out what low code can do for your business.

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