How Low Code Addresses 3 Major Pain Points of Application Development

Jul 8, 2022

Low code allows projects to be delivered faster by addressing three key pain points

Pain point 1:

Poorly defined user requirements

  • Poor understanding of the user needs and motivating reasons behind those needs
  • Focusing on User Interface instead of the overall User Experience
  • User stories open to interpretation

Addressing Pain point 1:

Improve requirements definition to drive velocity and quality

  • Take a user experience (UX) and human-centered approach that creates solutions users will love with higher adoption rates
  • Understand end user needs and motivating factors driving those needs
  • Understand business needs and how they impact or drive end user behavior
  • Produce precise user stories that developers can easily interpret

Pain point 2:

Slow build cycles

  • Lack of qualified resources
    • Especially for UI/UX
  • Inability to integrate with existing systems and data stores
  • Lack of standardization and repeatability in code development

Addressing Pain point 2:

Strategically leverage low-code to dramatically increase development velocity and time to market

  • Leverage a high productivity visual full stack development platform
  • A single tool to manage full application development and life cycle
  • Quickly and seamlessly integrate with backend systems
  • Create beautiful UI/UX out of the box without the need for specialty design skills

Pain point 3:

Continued reliance on manual testing

  • Automate testing to reduce defects and shorten QA cycles
  • Automate deployment, regression and performance testing to reduce errors and decrease time to market

Addressing Pain point 3:

Automate testing to reduce risk

  • Build automated unit test cases to help reduce defects during development and shorten QA cycle
  • Engineer automated UI test cases to perform redundant tasks and eliminate regression error prior to release
  • Automate pipeline deployment from DEV to QA to PROD
  • Automatically execute regression and performance test suite to expedite your release schedule

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