Four Reasons to Re-Think OutSystems Application Monitoring and Support

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Aug 8, 2022

With OutSystems being used to deliver increasingly business-critical solutions, many organizations now need to take application monitoring and support more seriously. Customer-facing systems and core systems used by hundreds or thousands of employees often need 24/7 support. Read on to discover four reasons to adopt a new approach to application support.

The Vision of a Low-Code Digital Factory

At Cloud Development Resources, we see four scenarios where a new approach to application support is most likely called for:

1. Deployment of a New External-Facing Solution

When thousands or hundreds of thousands of customers depend on a new digital experience, the stakes for application support rise considerably. Performance issues become critical. Service downtime could be extremely damaging to reputation and customer loyalty.

The same is equally true for external-facing systems used by channel partners, brokers, or suppliers.

2. Deployment of a New Business-Critical Internal Solution

With large numbers of employees dependent on such a system for their work, performance issues and downtime would be extremely disruptive to operations and damaging to IT’s reputation.

3. A Need to Raise Service Levels

You may have various applications in production, and whatever support and monitoring provisions you have in place are falling short of the mark. Issues are taking too long to resolve, and users (particularly customers or partners) are complaining.

4. The Need to Advance

Returning to Napoleon’s dilemma, you want developers delivering new business value. But too much of their time is getting absorbed supporting apps that are already in production. How can you get your developers back to the front-line?

Why Look Beyond Your OutSystems App Dev Team to Improve Application Monitoring and Support?

Most organizations don’t have a large enough application development team to offer the high level of support that mission-critical apps require. How many resources would you need to provide 8/5, let alone 24/7 support?

Assembling and training such a team would be expensive and time-consuming. Given the shortage of developer talent, recruiting developers into roles where they’re primarily focussed on “keeping the lights on,” rather than breaking new ground, is probably close to impossible.

Moreover, we reckon that around half of the large scale OutSystems solutions in production were built partly or wholly by expert developers from OutSystems partners, or the OutSystems professional services organization. Neither is set-up to provide “SLA-grade” long-term support:

  • OutSystems Professional Services does not want to get involved in long-term application support.
  • Similarly, most partners are unable to provide responsive support. As soon as they’ve delivered your project, their consultants will roll-on to new projects. Meeting stringent support SLAs isn’t possible when you’re waiting on consultant call-backs or bench-time.

Introducing CloudCare

If you need a reliable, certified, and affordable support and monitoring solution for your business-critical OutSystems applications, we are pleased to announce “CloudCare.” CloudCare is the first globally scalable application support and monitoring service designed explicitly for OutSystems customers.

What is CloudCare?

CloudCare is the first 24/7 monitoring and support service for OutSystems apps. It’s provided by Cloud Development Resources (CDR), the leading OutSystems partner in North America.

What makes CloudCare reliable, scalable, and yet affordable? CDR leverages its off-shore development center with the most experienced group of OutSystems technical experts in North America. Our support team comprises only certified OutSystems developers. This team of specialized experts has provided support for OutSystems apps used by hundreds of thousands of end-users—so rest assured, your app will be in safe hands.

CloudCare is applicable however your OutSystems infrastructure is hosted—on-prem, Cloud, or hybrid, we’ve got you covered.

CloudCare is flexible. If you need 8/5 cover rather than 24/7, we’ll configure a service to match. And we’ll scale as you grow from just one business-critical system to many. You’ll pay for only what you need.

Better still, CloudCare includes advanced application performance monitoring, powered by Dynatrace, putting CloudCare support consultants on the front foot, proactively finding and resolving performance concerns before they grow into something more serious.

Peace of Mind

CloudCare gives you the peace of mind of a world-class application support and monitoring service for your business-critical OutSystems applications. And, we can have you covered in a matter of days, avoiding the cost, risk, and delay of attempting to hire your own application support team.

So, whether you want to assure the performance of external-facing applications, alleviate the burden of supporting business-critical internal applications, guarantee support SLAs, or ensure your OutSystems app dev team stays focused on new digital innovations, CDR and CloudCare are ready to serve.

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